The brief for this project was to in three parts:

Firstly to remove the existing garage and to excavate the ground level to approximately 1 metre below the existing level. Then to rebuild a garage with a study and utility room above.

Secondly to remove some rather treacherous steps leading to the front door and create a new set of steps and a much shallower drive to the garage.

Thirdly to excavate a large section of material from the back garden and build a retaining wall raised terrace incorporating steps to the terraced rear garden.

The first part of the project required extensive underpinning as the foundations for the house were shallower than the proposed garage.

The front staircase was to match the rear and required integral lighting to make it safer during the winter months. This could not be constructed however until the rear had been completed as the material needed to be cleared via the front garden.

The rear terrace and steps was a combination of circles and curves and had to also act as retaining walls. These also incorporated lights for safety and aesthetics.

The results for the overall project were impactful and have allowed the clients to use the rear garden far more extensively throughout the summer.  

Design by Michael Luffman (Salisbury).